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Feed the Alohakids!

These are strange times, for you, for us and for the Aloha Kids in the favela.
What the kids really miss right now is one of everyone’s basic rights: Food!
Help by donating money so we can provide Foodbaskets! Every little bit helps!
For € 1,00 you buy three meals for an Alohakid, for € 10,00 you buy a Foodbasket for one of the Aloha Families:


Totaal € -




About Aloha

Aloha helps kids and teenagers from the favela’s in Fortaleza in the North of Brazil to stay far from the dangers of drugs and prostitution. Aloha gives healthy food, English classes and sportlessons and helps the kids with school- and study-activities.


Aloha organizes charity events in Holland and a Favela Tour in Brazil to sustain the project. Feel free to help us or contact us.


Thank you Waar Ontwikkeling Werkt!

Thank you Waar Ontwikkeling Werkt!

Since the beginning of Aloha we have received donations of the Dutch Foundation 'Waar Ontwikkeling Werkt', freely translat

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Due to Corona the sports- and education-activities of Aloha are cancelled until the virus is under control. We continue to

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Girl Power

Girl Power

Today Alie from Holland gave the Aloha-girls a special workshop on girl power! The base of the workshop was love and respe

0 Comment - 12 March 2020
Know your Human Rights

Know your Human Rights

Today the Aloha got visited by two social workers of CUCA that talked about human rights. For the fourth time there was a

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Dutch Youth Trip

Dutch Youth Trip

In July a group of young Dutch Aloha-volunteers will visit the project in Brasil to help! The main goal will be to talk En

0 Comment - 10 February 2020
Jiu Jitsu started the new year

Jiu Jitsu started the new year

After the holidays in Brazil today the Jiu Jitsu-group started the new year as strong as before the holidays with 25 young

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Thanks Pieter Bastiaan!

Thanks Pieter Bastiaan!

In may 2019 Aloha received a fantastic gift from the Stichting Pieter Bastiaan ( Five kiteboardings

0 Comment - 18 December 2019
Families receive Foodpackage

Families receive Foodpackage

During the Favelatour we visit families of the Alohakids. As a ’thank you!’ for their hospitality the families receive

0 Comment - 24 November 2019
Craft Course Aloha

Craft Course Aloha

Today, Bianca, a Dutch friend of Aloha, gave a craft course to the Alohakids. Bianca is a friend of Joyce who gave the fir

0 Comment - 20 November 2019
Aloha’s First Aid Course

Aloha’s First Aid Course

Today Joyce, a Dutch friend of Aloha, gave a first aid course to the Alohakids. Joyce is a colleague of Roberta at Interzo

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Aloha Surf

Aloha presents: Aloha surf!

Aloha Jiu Jitsu

Aloha presents: Jiu Jitsu!

Charity Day

Raising funds for Aloha on a Dutch school!

Favela Tour Barra do Ceará

About Barra do Ceará & Aloha
Barra do Ceará is the oldest neighborhood of Fortaleza. In this community full of historical importance Aloha helps the local kids to stay far from the dangers of drugs and prostitution. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays they come together in the Aloha-house to enjoy English lessons, surf together and eat a healthy meal.
About the favela tour
In this favela-tour we’ll visit families that live in the Barra. After the visit we’ll go to Aloha where you’ll join the English classes. Then we’ll go to the beach where one of the kids will be your official ‘buddy’. You can choose to sit or walk on the beach while talking with your buddy or you can enter the water on a bodyboard or surfboard while the kids are your teacher! After the beach we’ll be back in the Aloha-house to eat some local food together with the kids. At 17:00 we leave and with normal traffic we’ll be back at 17:30 in Cumbuco.
Barra do Ceará has problems of child prostitution, drug trafficking and robberies. In our experience nothing happens as long as you listen carefully to our coordinators. All you can bring are yourself and the clothes you wear. It is not allowed to take anything of value like money, watches, cellphones, jewelry or even a small bag. A photographer from the project will make pictures that you’ll receive if you choose the Plus Package.
The five hour tour is on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays:
12:30 – Pickup Cumbuco
13:00 – Guided Tour Barra do Ceará
14:30 – Visit the project Aloha
15:30 – Beach
16:30 – Local food with Alohakids
17:00 – Leaving the Barra
17:30 – Back in Cumbuco
Prices & Packages Per Person:

Basic: R$ 150 – Guided tour, Beach & Food but without transportion to & from the project (Rua Lídia Petri Gonçalves 1203, Barra do Ceará, Fortaleza).

Complete: R$ 200 – Complete trip with Guided Tour, Beach, Food & Transportation to & from the project

Supercomplete: R$ 275– -Same as Complete with 25 photos sent by email or Whatsapp
More information
For more information you can WhatsApp Marco: +31651422289

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‘Stichting Aloha Foundation’

In the Netherlands Aloha has an ‘ANBI-status’; contact us if you want to know more about tax deduction.

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Annual Report & Policy Plan

Here you can download our Annual report and Policy Plan:

Beleidsplan 2020

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